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The specialized veterinary division at Village Pharmacy, well-established and collaborating with numerous veterinarians for many years, is dedicated to formulating a diverse range of personalized pet medications. This invaluable service aids pet owners in effectively tending to the health needs of their animals. Village Pharmacy boasts extensive experience in working with a wide array of animals, ranging from household pets like cats and dogs to more exotic ones such as birds, monkeys, and even large animals like horses.

One of the notable strengths of Village Pharmacy lies in its ability to reformulate pet medications, tailoring them in various forms and flavors to facilitate easier administration. The pharmacy excels in the art of flavoring pet medications, offering a selection that includes chicken, beef, and fish. Moreover, Village Pharmacy employs innovative formulations, such as transdermal creams, enabling administration of medications through the skin for added convenience.

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

man with his pet cat
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  • Prescription Medications:Explore a range of prescription drugs for various pet health needs.
  • Compounded Medications:Customized medications tailored to meet specific pet requirements.
  • Trusted Brands:We source prescription medications from reputable veterinary pharmaceutical brands.
  • Easy Online Ordering:Convenient online platform for quick and hassle-free prescription fulfillment.
  • Expert Guidance:Seek advice from experienced pharmacists to ensure the right prescription for your pet.
  • Pet-Specific Dosages:Precise dosages available for different types and sizes of animals.
  • Secure Transactions:Shop with confidence using our encrypted and secure payment options.
  • Fast Shipping:Swift and reliable delivery services to ensure your pet receives medications promptly.
  • Compounding Expertise:Benefit from our expertise in compounding medications to address unique pet health needs
  • Automatic Refills:Set up automatic refills for continuous prescription medications without interruption.
  • Mobile Accessibility:Conveniently order and manage prescriptions through our mobile-friendly website.
man with his pet dog
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