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Village Pharmacy and Compounding stands as a testament to family values and commitment. Founded and run by Luis Delgado and his wife, Elizabeth, this establishment is a product of their shared journey that began in South Florida. Luis and Elizabeth, who have been a couple since the age of fifteen, both hail from the region and pursued their education at The University of Florida in Gainesville following their high school years. Luis, an alumnus of Christopher Columbus High School, excelled in his undergraduate studies and proceeded to achieve his Doctorate in Pharmacy from UF’s renowned postgraduate pharmacy program, consistently ranked among the top 5 pharmacy schools nationally. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, a graduate of Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, distinguishing herself as one of the top performers in her class. Subsequently, she pursued a career as a Dental Hygienist. In 2006, post-graduation, the couple returned to their roots in Miami. They embarked on the journey of marriage and eventually became parents to two children, Leah and ”Little” Luis.

While Elizabeth dedicated herself to the field of dental hygiene, Luis gained diverse experience in retail and hospital pharmacy settings. His professional journey led him to the role of Associate Director of Pharmacy for a local Federally Qualified Health Center(F.Q.H.C.), where he focused on providing essential care to the medically underserved—those facing economic challenges, indigence, and homelessness. Luis, having undergone additional training, holds a Florida Licensed Consultant Pharmacist designation and is certified in Pharmaceutical Compounding through The University of Florida.

“Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much.” – Helen Keller


Luis Delgado

Luis Delgado, PharmD

Kenia D'angelo

Kenia D’Angelo, PharmD

Joseph Koptowsky

Joseph Koptowsky, RPh

Sydney Pouza

Sydney Pouza, CPhT

Jasmine Cardero

Jasmine Cardero, CPhT

Alexandra Roque

Alexandra Roque, CPhT

Ana Fraga

Ana Fraga, CPhT, Intern

Gelys Gutierrez

Gelsys Gutierrez, CPhT

Oscar Tavares

Oscar Tavares, CPhT

Roberto Batista

Roberto Batista, CPhT

Luisa Sanchez

Luisa Sanchez, CPhT

Natal Vazquez-Bello

Natal Vazquez-Bello

Cindy Gadea

Cindy Gadea, CPhT

Amanda Diaz

Amanda Diaz, CPhT

Cindy Cardoza, CPhT

Cindy Cardoza, CPhT

Leslie Balan , CPhT

Leslie Balan , CPhT

Luz Sarrazola

Luz Sarrazola

Melany Suarez

Melany Suarez

Melina Chang

Melina Chang