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Message us directly, Refill your prescriptions, Check medication profile, Set prescription reminders – All from the palm of your hand!

Discover the convenience of managing your health seamlessly with Rx Local, the innovativeapp designed to enhance your experience with Village Pharmacy. By utilizing Rx Local, you gaineasy access to your medication profiles, enabling you to view and order refills effortlessly. Thisuser-friendly app also facilitates direct communication with our knowledgeable pharmacy staff,ensuring that your healthcare needs are met efficiently. Embrace the simplicity of stayingconnected to your health journey – download Rx Local today and experience the personalized care and convenience that Village Pharmacy is proud to offer.

Download our app RX Local to refill medications, contact the pharmacy, set up reminders, and much more.

Mobile App Instructions


How to Register

Instructions for a patient on how to register for RxLocal


Refill Medications

How to Refill Medications

Instructions for a patient on how to refill medications within the app


Set Up Reminders

How to Set Up Reminders

Instructions for a patient on how to set up automated medication reminders


From Rx Local – Features that make your life easier TO Ready to connect to your pharmacy. NOT looking for a new independent pharmacy


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Features that make your life easire,The RxLocal Mobile app provides a convenient way to stay connected to your pharmacy.

Direct Message with Your Pharmacist

Manage All of Your Family’s Prescriptions

Request Refills & Set Medicine Reminders

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Message directly with your pharmacist in-app

HIPAA Secure 2-Way Messages

Whether you have a question about your medication regimen or the cost of your prescriptions, your pharmacist is always one text away. All messages are HIPAA secure, meaning your personal information is safe. No one but your pharmacy can access these messages.

Start Messaging Your Pharmacist Today

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Download RxLocal

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Manage all of your family’s medications at once

Prescription Management & Patient Portal

Access all of your family’s health information such as prescriptions, allergies, insurance, and healthcare providers in one place. If you are managing medications for a child, spouse, or elderly family member, RxLocal keeps you organized with the information you need, when you need it.

Start Managing Your Family’s Medications Today

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Download RxLocal

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Request refills and set medication reminders

Refills & Reminders

Gone are the days of calling your pharmacy to refill a prescription. Request refills with one click and get notified when they are ready for pickup or out for delivery. You can also set medication reminders within the app so that you never miss a dose.

Start Taking Control of Your Health Today

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Download RxLocal

Ready to connect with your pharmacy?Download the RxLocal Mobile App Today!

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Looking for a new independent pharmacy?

Use the RxLocal Pharmacy Finder!

Finding the right pharmacy for you and your family is important.
RxLocal Pharmacy Finder is designed for people looking for the personalized care that only independent pharmacies can give. Find a pharmacy with the services, hours, and location that best fit your needs. Read reviews to see what current customers think of their pharmacy.