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We Offer Solutions for Men’s Unique Health Conditions
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As men have unique health conditions to deal with, they can benefit from medications prepared by a compounding pharmacy such as Village Pharmacy and Compounding. We provide pharmaceutical answers to varied medical conditions and health issues.

Our over-the-counter and prescription drug solutions come in a variety. We offer them with medications ranging from testosterone replacement to fertility issues, and a lot more.

Viagra and Cialis

  • Village Pharmacy and Compounding at under $10 per dose
  • Competitors at over $50 per dose


For patients struggling with erectile dysfunction, it would not be a cause of concern if experienced from time to time. However, if it becomes an ongoing issue, we offer solutions in the form of generic Viagra and Cialis.

Testosterone Replacement

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We also offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy which proves beneficial for men with a low level of testosterone. While a low testosterone level by itself does not need treatment, undergoing through therapy can effectively improve energy levels, sex drive, and mood.

Our services and products are delivered and shipped for free throughout the state of Florida. Please feel free to set an appointment with us.